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Abandoned newborn's parent likely to be an expat

Mohamed Rehan
03 December 2023, MVT 15:07
Waste disposal site of Alif Dhaalu atoll Dhigurah-- Photo: Hafsee
Mohamed Rehan
03 December 2023, MVT 15:07

It has been revealed that the trash bag in which the newborn was discovered in a garbage dump on Alif Dhaalu atoll Dhigurah had been discarded from one of the guesthouses on the island.

Locals commenting on the matter from the island suspect that the infant could have belonged to an expatriate working in one of the island's guesthouses.

Police have not been available for direct comment on the case, but they earlier said that the incident was reported to the authorities around 9:20 a.m. on Sunday morning, December 3. Following an examination by a doctor, the child was pronounced dead, according to the police.

In addition to being deceased, the infant's umbilical cord was not properly cut.

"A police team has been dispatched to the island in connection with the case," Maldives Police said.

Ibrahim Usman, President of the island council, told 'Mihaaru News' that the baby was discovered around 8:00 a.m. when an employee at the island's waste disposal facility was at work.

He added that the infant was discovered from one of the trash bags collected from Dhigrah residencies and guesthouses, though the exact location from where the bag had been collected has not been ascertained.

Usman further highlighted that the newborn was discovered while the waste management employees were attempting to discard garbage at the waste disposal site.

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