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Deputy Speaker Eva resigns ahead of no-confidence vote

Mohamed Rehan
03 December 2023, MVT 12:01
Eva Abdullah, deputy speaker of Majlis smiles during a sitting.
Mohamed Rehan
03 December 2023, MVT 12:01

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla has resigned ahead of the no-confidence vote against her.

Parliament is preparing for the vote on the no-confidence motion against her, scheduled for Sunday, December 3.

After the no-confidence motion was added to the agenda for Sunday's sitting, she was given the opportunity to respond. In her statement, which lasted for 30 minutes, Eva highlighted the initiatives and work she has undertaken throughout her political career.

She announced her resignation while concluding her defense statement in parliament. Central-Henveiru MP, and the minority leader of the parliament, Ali Azim, submitted her resignation letter to the parliament's chair.

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Aslam declared that the motion could no longer proceed after the Secretary-General read Eva's resignation letter to the chamber.

Some of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members contested Eva's decision with points of orders, claiming such a resignation cannot be accepted. The protesting members further demanded to move forward with the no-confidence motion.

Aslam however, contested the demands notifying that the motion cannot proceed in the case of a resignation prior to it.

The parliament generally extends time for members to present their defense in response to no-confidence motions individually. However, in Eva's case, a one-off 30-minute window was granted for her to respond to the motion upon the request of Azim.

With the Deputy Speaker's position vacant following Eva's departure, a session has been scheduled for 8:00 p.m. on Sunday evening to elect a new Deputy Speaker.

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