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99 percent of MDP National Assembly against parliamentary system

Mohamed Rehan
03 October 2023, MVT 11:35
Outgoing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih--
Mohamed Rehan
03 October 2023, MVT 11:35

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that 99 percent of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) national assembly members are against parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed rejoining the ruling party and changing to a parliamentary governance system.

While speaking at the press conference held following the runoff election defeat, president Solih said he had received the message from Nasheed wishing to rejoin the party, but MDP is currently not interested in re-enlisting a specific individual.

He further said that MDP did not depend on any one individual, but the party as a whole which had been observed in the past.

"MDP does not exist because of the enlistment or resignation of any one individual. The party operates on much stronger principles and regulations, the party would continue to exist without me as well," pesident Solih said.

The outgoing president further revealed that he is aware of MDP national assembly's sentiments regarding Nasheed rejoining the party or changing the governance system into a parliamentary one.

"Approximately 99 percent of the assembly are against this. They have rejected the appeal for a parliamentary system as well. But these things need to be formally resolved through discourse. I just shared the current sentiment, but I refrained from opining on it," president Solih said.

"I have not decided whether I will be supporting Nasheed or not. I will always work in the best interest of MDP and for its future."

President Solih also revealed his personal endorsement for a presidential system.

He further added that any constitutional changes to shift the governance system will be implemented only after seeking a public referendum.

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