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MDP Primary: Speaker Nasheed's campaign to close in Addu

Malika Shahid
24 January 2023, MVT 13:34
Former President Nasheed, along with his campaign team arriving in Addu City yesterday
Malika Shahid
24 January 2023, MVT 13:34

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, who is contesting in the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP)'s presidential primary to be held this Saturday, January 28, has travelled to Addu City to close his campaign.

During his two-day visit, he will first visit Hithadhoo, followed by the rest of the districts in the city. He is also scheduled to visit Fuahmulah City after visiting Addu.

Nasheed was accompanied by two former Attorney Generals, Dr Mohamed Munavvar, Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed and Local Government Authority (LGA) CEO Fathimath Afshan Latheef.

Nasheed has been campaigning for the party's primary elections since last month. Including his trip to Addu City, Nasheed has visited over 70 islands from all atolls of the Maldives.

Three teams from Nasheed's campaign crew have been campaigning in three parts of the country with their slogan "Fikurehge Dhirun" which translates to "Reviving an ideology". After the trip to Addu City, Nasheed's campaign team would have visited all of the islands in Maldives.

The campaign will close in Addu City for MDP primary election; which is the most competitive election to be held in the party's history. Nasheed had earlier declared that his running mate would be an individual from Addu City. However, no further information was provided.

Nasheed had said in a press conference held at his campaign office on Sunday that he would win the party's primary election, followed by the presidential election in September.

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