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Aamin and Kuda Ayya climb on world rankings

Malika Shahid
22 September 2022, MVT 11:18
Ali Khushruwan (Kuda Ayya) (L) and Amin Umar Moosa (R); both athletes have climbed the IBC world rankings
Malika Shahid
22 September 2022, MVT 11:18

Bodyboarding athletes Amin Umar Moosa and Ali Khushruwan (Kuda Ayya) have climbed on world rankings.

Aamin, who finished second in the junior final of the Bodyboarding World Tour held n Maldives last month, has ranked third in Junior Men's Category released by the World Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC).

Gabriel Molina of Canary Islands, Spain, who competed against Aamin in the finals of the Bodyboarding World Tour, was among the top five athletes with 2,000 points. Molina, beat Amin by a narrow margin in "Varunulaa Raalhugandu" in Male' city with a score of 13 points while Aamin scored 12.1 points.

Aamin won second place in the junior category at the World Tour --Photo: President's Office

Ali, who reached the quarter-finals in the senior category and the semi-finals in the drop-knee category, finished 12th in the world rankings with a score of 1,460 points.

David Hubbard of the United States topped the rankings in the drop-knee category. He also won the senior men's category.

In the third round of the open category at the Bodyboarding World Tour, Ali defeated world number two Tanner McDaniel by 2.25 points in Heat 5 of Round 3 of the World Tour.

Ali scored 15.55 in the heat while Tanner scored 13.30 points.

Ali Khushruwan (Kuda Ayya) competing in the World Tour -- Photo: Wishah

South Africa's Tristan Roberts ranked first in the the senior open category of IBC World Tour with a score of 10215 points.

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