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Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid constitutes Foreign Service Advisory Board

Malika Shahid
11 August 2022, MVT 14:24
First meeting of the Foreign Service Advisory Board --Photo: Foreign Ministry
Malika Shahid
11 August 2022, MVT 14:24

With the establishment of Foreign Service as a separate entity, The Board of Directors have been constituted advise the Maldives on strengthening its foreign policy efforts.

The Foreign Service Advisory Board constituted today will function in providing advice to the Foreign Minister on matters related to foreign service regulations, organization structure and other matters of interest in strengthening the Maldives foreign service.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that the Foreign Service Advisory Board, which is stipulated to be formed under the Foreign Service Act, which came into effect in May, has now been established.

In addition to the Foreign Secretary and heads of the Foreign Service Institute, the board has three categories of staff consisting of five members. They are;

- Foreign Secretary Ahmed Latheef as Chairperson of the Advisory Board.

- Ahmed Rasheed, (Karankaage, Shaviyani Atoll Maaugoodhoo) as member who had served the Foreign Service for more than 10 years and is no longer in service.

- Additional Secretary of the Foreign Ministry Aminath Shifana as Foreign Service Executive Staff.

- Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign AffairsKhadeeja Najeeha as head of the Foreign Service Institute.

- Foreign Ministry's Desk Officer Aminath Samra as Foreign Service General Staff.

The first meeting of the board was held yesterday according to the Ministry.

The Board recommends that the Composition of the Foreign Service be discussed in terms of rules and regulations and the strengthening of the service.

As The Foreign Service must be established within 90 Days of the Foreign Service Act coming into effect, the Foreign Secretary will be the head of the service. The president appoints a person to the post on the advice of the Foreign Minister.