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Three Maldivians suspected of smuggling cannabis oil arrested in India

02 January 2019, MVT 15:33
02 January 2019, MVT 15:33

Three Maldivians were arrested by Indian Police at Cochin, India on Monday, allegedly in connection to an international drug cartel based in Hong Kong.

According to Indian media outlets, police have estimated the street value of the 1.5 litres of cannabis oil, which were stored in empty shampoo bottles, as approximately MVR 8.9 million. A total of four individuals aged 30 or above, were arrested including Maldivian nationals Shifa Ibrahim, Azim Habeeb, and Mohamed Safoof, along with Anthony Sami, a Tamil Nadu native.

Indian police stated that appearing as tourists, the suspects travelled between various hotels throughout the city, adding that their passport indicated their operation spanned across Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore and India.

Further, the suspects were arrested during an attempt to smuggle the drugs from Cochin Airport into Maldives.

A solvent-based marijuana concentrated created from the plant itself, Cannabis oil is said to be more potent than derivatives from the flower itself.