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Seeking a purpose-driven career in the travel and tourism industry of the future?

Ruby Amir
22 January 2022, MVT 16:18
Digital illustration of birds made with paper --
Ruby Amir
22 January 2022, MVT 16:18

On the latest IPPC report 2021, the world is now within 1.2 degrees of the Paris benchmark of 1.5 degrees. If global temperatures continue to rise, living conditions on Earth will be substantially harsher than they are currently. This poses a hazard to all forms of life and disrupts ecosystems, destinations, and ways of life. The economic sectors must begin adapting and transforming to a decarbonized future as soon as possible, and tourism may play a major role. By campaigning for smaller ecological footprints, the travel and tourism industry can contribute to a greener, cleaner, and more resilient future.

To fight for this, SUNx Malta, an EU-based NGO, collaborated with the Maltese government to develop an innovative, low-cost mechanism to assist businesses and communities in transitioning to the New Climate Economy. The NGO's overarching goal is to transform travel and tourism by serving as a conduit for mainstreaming UN Climate and Sustainability goals. To execute this the NGO has started a Climate-Friendly Travel graduate Diploma partnered with the Institute for Tourism Studies in Malta to professionally train 100,000 Strong Climate Champions by 2030. This is one component of the objectives set to achieve low-carbon Sustainable Development Goals.

The Diploma will reinforce the vision of Maurice Strong, the father of Sustainable Development Travel and Tourism in creating young, well-informed pioneers to bring a positive change. The takeaway from this Diploma will be intensive. It will explore how Tourism can benefit businesses and communities and preserve nature & biodiversity. It will be a thought-provoking learning journey as it will provide insight into how humans can be mindful of their actions to minimise their carbon footprint.

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