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NSPA spent MVR 400 million in financial assistance in 2022

Lamya Abdulla
22 November 2022, MVT 10:28
NSPA members at parliament's Committee on Social Affairs on Monday, November 21, 2022 -- Photo: Parliament
Lamya Abdulla
22 November 2022, MVT 10:28

Social welfare agency National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) said on Monday that they released more that MVR 400 million as financial assistance in 2021.

In a meeting held by the parliament's Committee on Social Affairs, NSPA submitted its annual report for 2021. They provided details on how the financial assistance they had provided people on various occasions throughout the year.

CEO of NSPA Mariam Shafiq said the biggest expenditure by the agency last year was providing medical assistance. MVR 135 million was spent for this cause in 2021.

"Most times we had provided a lot of assistance for [people in] critical conditions, such as people that need neuro-surgeries," she said.

Details of NSPA's expenses

- MVR 135 million for medical expenses to 6,598 people

- MVR 223.1 million for 9,664 people with disabilities

- MVR 200,000 for 623 people living in poverty

- MVR 62 million for 3,067 single mothers (5,290 children)

- MVR 2.5 million for 109 foster parents (144 children)

Deputy CEO of NSPA Rugiyya Mohamed said they were working to make a beneficiary portal and mobile application in order to make their services easily accessible. They were also working with island councils to make the process easier.

"Once a beneficiary portal and mobile application is completed, there will be a system where we can work with the councils. With this, it will be possible to apply to NSPA services with the help of local councils. The services can be access without visiting the NSPA office in Male'," she said.

She said efforts were underway so that NSPA and Aasandha services could be made accessible through one system, which would make things more convenient.

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