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Govt seeks to lift Malaysia ban on Maldivian driving license

Fathmath Shaahunaz
29 September 2019, MVT 13:42
Transport Minister Aishath Nahula met with her Malaysian counterpart to discuss lifting Malaysia's ban on foreign driving licenses from Maldives. PHOTO/TRANSPORT MINISTRY
Fathmath Shaahunaz
29 September 2019, MVT 13:42

The governments of Maldives and Malaysia on Sunday discussed the possibility of Malaysia lifting the ban on foreign driving licences for the island nation.

The changes brought to the Malaysian Road Transportation Law earlier this year banned the use of all foreign driving licenses in Malaysia, including that of Maldives.

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation stated that Minister Aishath Nahula met her Malaysian counterpart on Sunday, to discuss the possibility of an agreement that would allow the use of Maldivian driving licenses in Malaysia again.

The Southeast Asian country is a popular destination for Maldivians, who travel and reside in Malaysia for education, medical and vacationing purposes. Many of them drove vehicles in Malaysia with Maldivian licences and a document issued from the embassy, until the Malaysian administration adopted the foreign driving license ban.

Following the development, Maldivians were urged to apply for Malaysian or international driving licenses.