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Transport Ministry withholds bus driver's license

Shahudha Mohamed
19 May 2019, MVT 16:52
The location where the MTCC bus accident occurred in Hulhumale', cordoned off by the police. PHOTO/MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
19 May 2019, MVT 16:52

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation stated on Sunday that the license of the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) driver operating the bus which ran over a Ukrainian tourist has been withheld.

According to a ministry spokesperson, the driver's licence is being withheld indefinitely until the court proceedings conclude, following the accident on April 6.

However, Maldives Police Service has yet to file a case to Prosecutor General's (PG) Office to press charges against the driver.

A 31-year-old Ukrainian woman who was out jogging died upon impact during the accident that took place on the corner of the newly built local market in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale'.

The driver was arrested and remanded for a period of time before being released last week. The accident occurred due to the driver allegedly falling asleep at the wheel.

The body of the deceased was transported to Sri Lanka and cremated. MTCC aided the family of the victim with the procedures.

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