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Working against Fayyaz was a bad decision: Nasheed

Lamya Abdulla
14 August 2022, MVT 12:19
(FILE) Mohamed Nasheed (L) and Fayyaz Ismail at the MDP Office on May 16, 2022 -- Photo: MDP
Lamya Abdulla
14 August 2022, MVT 12:19

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed said it was a bad decision on his end to have worked against Economic Minister and Maldives Democratic Party's (MDP) Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail.

Nasheed, as the President of the ruling party, had texted in MDP's National Congress Whatsapp group stating that he would no longer go against Fayyaz. Mihaaru news reported that Nasheed had said he wishes to work together with Fayyaz going forward.

Even though Nasheed had said he wishes to work with Fayyaz, he had heavily criticized Fayyaz previously for the environment created in the party. Nasheed had also attempted to dismiss Fayyaz from his post as Economic Minister. However, Nasheed now accuses that it was a political ploy that took place within MDP.

Later on, the Nasheed's supporters within MDP had made a number of accusations against Fayyaz when he ran for the party's Chairperson election.

After Fayyaz won, Nasheed had met him in MDP's office.

Nasheed said he was with Fayyaz yesterday, following a complaint made by South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem. His concern was that MDP Deputy Chairperson Ibrahim Waheed was active within the party's national congress.

Nasheed had assigned Ibrahim Waheed as his campaign manager, who had been Fayyaz's campaign manager when he ran for the party's Chairperson position.

Ibrahim Waheed had accepted this position.

Shaheem had criticized that accepting the position of a campaign manager while being active in congress activities is shameful, as it may lead to conflict of interest, in addition to confusing party members as well.

However, when this matter was discussed in the party's national congress, most members argued there was no issue with Ibrahim Waheed continuing to work both roles. Some MPs also noted that he can only work as a campaign manager for the parliamentary system if members of the congress make pass the resolution submitted.

MDP Chairperson Fayyaz said that the congress is being conducted under his supervision. Fayyaz also clarified to MPs that he did not see a problem the dual role Ibrahim Waheed may have to play within the congress.

The most important proposal on agenda of the MDP congress, scheduled to be held on August 19, is voting whether MDP wants to change to a parliamentary system.

The resolution states that one party is unable to win a presidential election, and therefore unable to run the government as well. The need to win an election leads to making coalitions, which lead to further displeasure from the public, as the party faces obstacles in delivering pledges and vows they had made, on account of working alongside other political parties as well.

The resolution proposed to appoint the head of the government as a prime minister elected by parliamentarians with the majority of the parliament, and the president will appoint the head of state as the person with the highest number of votes in the presidential election.

Even though Nasheed had submitted to change to a parliamentary system, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said he will run for a second term, meaning he wishes to go forward with the existing presidential system.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has reiterated that it is up to the people to vote whether the nation to change whether they want a parliamentary or a presidential system.

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