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Police investigate rape accusations against local man

Lamya Abdulla
10 August 2022, MVT 11:35
(FILE) Photograph captured at the protest over sexual and violent offences against women and particularly children, organized by local NGO Voice of Children, on July 10, 2020 -- Photo: Ahmed Awshan Ilyas / Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
10 August 2022, MVT 11:35

Police started to investigate local man accused of raping a woman in a house in Hulhumale.

The accuser had shared her side of the story on Twitter saying not satisfied with the answer she received from the police after she reported the case.

According to her, the incident took place on the previous Friday, August 5. She was spending the weekend with a group of friends at a house in Hulhumale’. She had said her boyfriend then went to drop off another woman also at the gathering, and she was left with another man alone.

Posting a photograph of the accused rapist, she named him and said once they were left alone he had grabbed her leg “forcefully carried me and threw me on to the sofa, forcefully removed my clothes off of me while I kept shouting and pushing him away.” She said, in her Twitter thread on the incident, that he had then removed her undergarments and raped her.

She said when her boyfriend had returned, she was too shocked to say anything.

“All I could do was cry. He took me home and I then explained what happened there.”

She also said the police had asked about the length of her skirt when she went to lodge a complain against her alleged rapist.

She expressed unhappiness over the line of questioning posed by the authority that was supposed to make her feel safe and secure.

The accused however, has denied the accusations in Facebook post, and asked for the police to investigate the matter so that the truth can be revealed.

He had noted that everyone that knows him would know he was always against rape.

Police has said that they had received a report of a rape case and they were investigating accordingly.

The Twitter thread had garnered a lot of attention, with many people calling for justice.

During a previous "Me Too" movement on social media, many women shared incidents of rap and sexual abuse. Police have also taken action against some cases.

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