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Council's consensus failed to remove MMC President Fahmy

Mohamed Rehan
23 May 2022, MVT 12:29
Shahban Fahmy, the current president of Maldives Media Council--
Mohamed Rehan
23 May 2022, MVT 12:29

A council official of the Maldives Media Council (MMC) has claimed that the council's majority consensus had failed to remove its current president Shahban Fahmy.

Fahmy faces heavy allegations of involvement in a large-scale money laundering offense.

The council members put up a no-confidence vote on Sunday evening, in which majority of the members concurred on Fahmy's removal.

According to the council member who spoke to Maldives local media, "Mihaaru" confirmed that a total of 12 members out of the 15 sitting in the council had participated in the no-confidence vote.

From the 12 members who took part, 8 members voted in favor of Fahmy's immediate removal while 4 voted against the motion.

Though majority had voted for his removal, the MMC regulations dictate the removal of any member from the council must come through the vote of at least 10 members.

Meanwhile, the issue surrounding the embattled MMC president has been submitted to the Independent Commissions' Committee of Maldives Parliament on Monday morning.

One of the members of the council, Ahmed Usham, who represent Vilimale', had commented that one of the eligibility criteria for the members in the council is that they must be responsible, outstanding citizens who abide by the law and had community's trust in them.

Usham claimed that with the allegation placed on Fahmy, he was no longer eligible.

Fahmy is alleged with money laundering and involvement in a nationwide Ponzi scheme through a locally registered investment firm; Kings Forex Trading.

In addition to Fahmy, his elder brother, former MP of Feydhoo constituency Alhan Fahmy is also alleged of involvement in the scam.

Meanwhile, the brothers had been summoned to the police earlier for inquiry related to the scam.

The council's failure to remove Fahmy despite such an allegation has been addressed as a primary concern by several media outlets.

Moreover, Fahmy had earlier stated he had not decided on resigning from MMC while denying the allegations made on him.

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