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The very Best dive location in the world.

The very Best dive location in the world. By Mohamed Rehan

27 October 2021, MVT 15:26
Tourist attractions; Top Best Dive Sites in the World Image curtesy Imtiajul Costa Rica
27 October 2021, MVT 15:26

Diving is an exhilarating experience that has transitional effects on your body and soul. To observe the underwater wildlife and beauty that remains mostly untouched, releases you from the shackles of “seeing the obvious.”

Those who have put on the air-tanks, regulators and masks to dip below the seas have often found themselves returning below the ocean again and again. Each and every single dive feels like it is done for the first time.

The terrains, corals, reefs and even the colors keep on constantly changing their vibrance and appearance. Perhaps this may be one particular reason why experienced divers tend to visit the same spot multiple times.

So, what are the most popular or famous diving spots? The list cannot be definitive and opinions differ from people to people after all. Below are the five most popular dive spots according to PADI.

Bajo Alcyone – Cocos Island, Costa Rica

The Cocos Island lying far from the Costa Rican Pacific coast is accessible only by a liveaboard while this spot is constantly ranked as the top destination in the world for hammerhead diving.

The seamount dubbed Bajo Alcyone rises 82 feet below the surface and is home to some very large shoals and hammerhead sharks. This spot is also considerably a difficult dive which has been overcome by the ingenuity of previous divers who would descend from the top of the seamount and wedge themselves between the rocks.

The ideal time to visit to observe the best marine life would be between June to November while the best water conditions are experienced between December to May.

SS Thistlegorm – Ras Mohammed, Egypt

Regarded as the best wreck dive in the world, this diving spot lies in the northern section of the Red Sea. The SS Thistlegorm is accessible from Sharm El-Sheikh through a day trip or a liveaboard stop. The wreck was a 420-foot British transport ship, which met her fate in 1941 after getting sunk by a German’s aerial attack.

Today the wreck is glimpsed into the past, while the vessel is visible along with a cargo of trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, tanks and locomotives that have all collected fungi and moss on them. The best time to visit this spot is between March to May or September to November.

Blue Corner – Ngemelis Island, Palau

This azure vortex consists of reef-covered walls which run along the side of the Ngemelis Island in Palau. Diving at any given time is ideal particularly thanks to the massive schools of fish and other underwater fauna and flora.

The Blue Corner becomes ‘alive’ when the currents are at its strongest. The most common sights in this spot include tuna, sharks and eagle rays.

The best time to take a dip here is between November to May.

Manta Night Dive – Kona, Hawaii

This artificially illuminated area just off the coast of Kona is the go-to spot to witness the Manta Night Dive – and is one of the most unique night dives one can ever experience. The artificial lights are used to attract plankton which in turn attract schools of mantas that arrive at the spot for feasting.

The best time to visit the Kona to observe mantas in their full glory is between April to October.

Cenote Angelita – Tulum, Mexico

What sets the Cenote Angelita from a pantheon of scattered cenotes across the Yucatan Peninsula is the mystical quality it possesses.

The dive spot is roughly at 100 feet with clear fresh water separated from salt water below by a layer of hydrogen sulphate – making the appearance otherworldly and majestic.

The most ideal time to dive in this area is between May to September.

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