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Dharumavantha School's new building awarded for MVR 74 million

Shahudha Mohamed
04 February 2020, MVT 14:02
Minister of Education and SJ Constructions Director at the signing ceremony of handing over Dharumvantha School's new building project. PHOTO: EDUCATION MINISTRY
Shahudha Mohamed
04 February 2020, MVT 14:02

Ministry of Education on Tuesday granted SJ Constructions with the building contract for the new facility of Dharumvanatha School for MVR 74.9 million.

During a ceremony held at the ministry, the agreement was signed by Education Minister Aishath Ali and SJ Construction's Director Shihad Ibrahim.

Construction of the new Dharumavantha School building is scheduled to be completed within a one-year period on the empty land plot in front of Villa College.

The winning bid was selected out of a total of nine companies that submitted proposals to the ministry after bidding was announced.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Minister Aishath Ali stated that the new building would be constructed to fit the single session, well-rounded education model.

According to her, the construction will be completed by April next year and the students currently attending Dharumavantha School's temporary building will start their education at the new building upon its completion.

The new building is designed with a total of 41 classrooms and will have the capacity to host 1000 students. Each class can accommodate a maximum number of 25 students.

Moreover, the school will contain a library and various rooms for extra classes as well.

Although the new building was first planned to be built in place of the old Dharumvantha School building, the location was later changed. This decision was made to allow both Majeediya and Dharumavantha School to adopt a single session education model.

Currently, Dharumavantha School operates from a temporary building set up near Medhu Ziyaaraiy.