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EPA survey vessel to arrive in Maldives in late May

Mohamed Rehan
26 May 2023, MVT 19:45
The special research and survey vessel commissioned by the EPA--
Mohamed Rehan
26 May 2023, MVT 19:45

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology confirmed the special survey and research commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will arrive in the Maldives by late May.

The vessel was developed under the grant extended by the World Bank’s "Maldives Clean Environment Project".

The vessel, named "Thimaaveshi" which translates to Environment currently developed at the Vijai Marine Shipyards, Goa, India. The 100-foot vessel will be developed with a catamaran-like hull design.

India’s Vijai Marine was contracted to develop the vessel after it won the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) held by the Ministry of Finance to seek a contractor for the project, said Environment Ministry.

Features of the Vessel

- Environment research and survey equipment

- Two three-person bedrooms with attached toilet on the main deck

- Three four-person bedrooms, master room, and engineering room on the upper deck

- Wet and dry labs, diving compressor room

- Kitchen

- Dinghy for emergencies

The Ministry said that the development of the vessel is currently underway, and once complete, it will be brought to the Maldives and officially handed over.

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