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Sri Lankan drug dealer apprehended in Dubai

Anaan Bushry
15 August 2022, MVT 13:33
Nadun Chinthaka Wickramaratne; one of the main underworld gang leaders engaged in drug trafficking from Dubai, was arrested on August 11.
Anaan Bushry
15 August 2022, MVT 13:33

A Sri Lankan national who is accused of smuggling drugs to several countries has been apprehended at Dubai International airport.

According to Sri Lankan news reports, Nadun Chinthaka Wickramaratne was arrested in a secret operation which International police and Lankan narcotics bureau were operating. He was arrested at Dubai airport while leaving for Malaysia.

It is also reported that a woman who he claims to be his wife was also set to depart with him.

Reportedly, another drug dealer who goes by the name Jile was also arrested by the Dubai police but no information has been released thus far in regards to his arrest.

The International police and the Sri Lankan narcotics bureau have been conducting this secret operation for a month. It is reported that Nadun escaped from Sri Lanka on a fake passport.

That the fake passport was made using a the information of a deceased person. He had also travelled to many countries including Malaysia and Singapore with the use of this passport.

He had entered Dubai last week and was caught by an immigration official who had recognized him. However due to legal situations he had to be released.

Dubai reports state that Nadun had gotten asylum in France and was preparing to move there.

ColomboPage reported that the last country Nadun had traveled to was the Maldives. He is notorious for smuggling drugs and is accused of smuggling them into Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles and Maldives.

Sri Lankan Narcotics Bureau officials have said that efforts are underway to repatriate Nadhun under the extradition agreement between Dubai and Sri Lanka.

According to Sri Lankan Police, Nadun was behind the 20 recent shooting incidents in Sri Lanka. Investigations show that he was behind Mount Lavinia's shooting incident as well.

Most of those killed in the incidents had disclosed information about him to the authorities.

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