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BML's community fund gifts library to Maaenboodhoo students

Shahudha Mohamed
12 July 2019, MVT 20:36
During the opening of Maaenboodhoo School library. PHOTO: BML
Shahudha Mohamed
12 July 2019, MVT 20:36

Bank of Maldives (BML) opened a library in Maaenboodhoo School, Dhaalu Atoll, that features a collection of over 700 books, on Friday evening.

According to the leading bank in Maldives, the library was developed from the company's 'Aharenge Bank Community Fund' which is established to finance proposals submitted to the bank regarding volunteer work, education, sports activities and the conservation of environment.

Under this fund, for each quarter of the year, the bank offers an amount of MVR 50,000 to fund the five most impressive proposals they receive.

The Maaenboodhoo library project was one of the five projects chosen in the first quarter of this year and the second project financed by the community fund.

"During the past two years, BML has doubled their investments in Maldives to better help the community. This fund will finance various projects all across the archipelago, increasing our efforts for a better community", Deputy CEO of the bank Mohamed Shareef said.

Maaenboodhoo School students posing for a picture near the library. PHOTO: BML

Noting that kids nowadays are more familiar with games and electronic gadgets, Nasid Adam Naseer, who submitted the proposal for a library in Maaenbodoo, offered his reasoning for the submission.

"As a teacher, it has always been my dream to see kids familiarise themselves with books and develop an interest for reading", he said.

"When BML opened submissions for the community fund, my first thought was to develop the library here. I wanted to renew the bookshelves, collect new books for the students, and create an environment where they could easily relax and read".

A student choosing a book in the newly opened Maaenboodhoo School library. PHOTO: BML

Referring to BML's contributions towards the realisation of Nasid's dream, he said "this is a great gift to the students of this island".

Bank of Maldives also initiated an MVR 300 million investment programme in 2018, financing a total of 110 projects in the field of education, sports, environment conservation in addition to events held by volunteer organisations.