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Tourist arrivals close to 1.5 million

Mohamed Rehan
05 December 2022, MVT 10:47
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Mohamed Rehan
05 December 2022, MVT 10:47

Annual tourist arrivals to the Maldives have reached close to 1.5 million, reports Ministry of Tourism.

According to the ministry's most recent statistics, annual tourist arrivals have reached 1,491,236 as of November 30, 2022. This is an increase of 28.8 percent, when compared with the same period in 2021.

Tourist arrivals totalled 1,157,653 by the end of November last year.

However, annual tourist arrivals are still 2.6 percent lower than the same period in 2019. For the corresponding period in 2019, the number stood at 1,531,539.

Arrivals exclusively for the month of November 2022 were 146,879, indicating a slight 1.5 percent improvement when compared with the same month last year, during which arrivals stood at 144,725. The arrival count for last month was also 6.5 percent up from November 2019, during which arrivals stood at 137,921.

The Maldives currently receives 4,465 tourists per year, with an average stay of 8.1 days.

Top markets to the Maldives remain unchanged in their ranking.

Top 10 Source Markets

01. India: 209,725

02. Russia: 182,337

03. UK: 162,020

04. Germany: 122,449

05. Italy: 82,292

06. USA: 71,757

07. France: 42,291

08. Spain: 38,138

09. South Korea: 32,255

10. Switzerland: 31,593

These figures indicate arrival numbers.

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