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Ex-Prez voices against suspect arrests on intelligence reports

Mohamed Rehan
22 May 2022, MVT 10:59
Former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom at the recently held opposition coalition's assembly -- Photo: PPM
Mohamed Rehan
22 May 2022, MVT 10:59

Former Maldivian president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has spoken against arresting suspects during investigations.

While speaking at an assembly led by the opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National Congress (PNC), the former statesman said that the apprehension of suspects over petty crimes and ordinary offences during investigations is illegal in nature.

Furthermore, the former Maldives president claims that the apprehension of individuals based on intelligence reports should be unlawful, adding that suspect apprehension is already executed without providing the arrested individuals a chance to respond to allegations.

"Judges move promptly towards ordering authorities to apprehend individuals simply based on intelligence reports, this is not a philosophy I can back," commented Gayoom.

Gayoom's comments may have been indirectly aimed at the recent apprehension of Hoarafushi constituency lawmaker Mohamed Ismail.

The parliament MP was arrested on two separate occasions related to the anti-India campaign led by the Maldivian opposition coalition.

"They [police] must first collect sufficient evidence against him [Ismail] before arresting and charging him for offences, but he should not experience detention before trial," Gayoom added.

Moreover, the former statesman had asserted on amending the law that grants police with the authority to detain individuals without providing them the opportunity to respond to their allegations.

Gayoom had further highlighted on the importance of amending the existing laws and regulations, noting that most of the laws and regulations have been created in manners that will enhance unduly incrimination of the public.

He further pointed on law enforcement authorities power of extracting personal bank account details of individuals without consent or notice, while stressing that this was a conduct not present anywhere in the world.

Moreover, Gayoom alleged that the local law enforcement authorities regularly resorted on intimidation to extract such data from local banks.

In his speech, the former statesman alleged that the current state administration grossly infringing on the rights of the general public.

Gayoom also asserted on the importance of upholding court verdicts on concluded cases regardless of bench change.