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Fahmy assures fealty to MDP, congratulates new Chairperson

Mohamed Rehan
16 May 2022, MVT 11:41
Imthiyaz / Fayyaz
Mohamed Rehan
16 May 2022, MVT 11:41

Imthiyaz Fahmy, who lost at the recent MDP Chairperson elections, affirms his unwavering fealty to the ruling party while he congratulated Fayyaz Ismail, who was elected as the party's new Chairperson.

After an intense campaign followed by an even intense voting, the Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail emerged as the victor who will take the party's most senior official designation.

Following the results, Fahmy, who is the lawmaker of North Maafunnu constituency, affirmed that he will remain true to the cause, policies and motions of the ruling party without change.

Meanwhile, Fahmy's congratulation has come at a time when several general members of the party and public had lambasted him and his campaign team following the landslide win of his colleague Ismail.

Fahmy's affirmation was a response looming questions about cooperation between the ruling party's factions, which had entered into stiff rivalry during the Chairperson campaigning.

Preliminary voting results showed Fayyaz Ismail had won 58 percent of the votes while his rival Imthiyaz Fahmy received 42 percent.

The Minister of Economic Development stepped to contend for the Chairperson designation with full official endorsement and support of Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, while Fahmy competed with the unofficial backing of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

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