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Producer praises Ashfa’s turn as leading lady

Mohamed Rehan
26 January 2023, MVT 10:59
Mariyam Ashfa will be seen sharing the screen with National Award Winner Ismail Rasheed in her movie debut; "Beeveemaa"
Mohamed Rehan
26 January 2023, MVT 10:59

Mariyam Ashfa, the local singer who will be making her debut as an actor in Dark Rain Entertainment’s (DRE) “Beeveemaa” was singled out by the movie’s producer Mohamed Ali (Moga) for her performance.

The singer-turned-actor will be seen sharing the screen with National Award Winner Ismail Rasheed (Kopee Isse) in the movie, which is inspired by the 2018 Tamil romantic drama “96” starring Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan.

Apart from the leading pair, the movie will feature Aminath Rashfa (Aashaa) and debutant Adam Zidhan (Naana) in pivotal roles.

Speaking about the central cast’s performance after a private screening, Moga said, “If Ashfa carefully chooses her scripts in the future, I am certain she will become a standout talent in this industry”.

“The casting was done by my wife; Ashfa was her choice as well. I will say that this a 100 percent fit cast for the movie,” Moga added.

According to the movie’s female lead, she signed on for the movie to experience the industry firsthand.

“I am someone who likes perfection in whatever I do. I played the movie after thoroughly preparing for the role and was prepared for the scenes beforehand,” Ashfa commented.

During the filming of "Beeveemaa"--

While the movie wrapped up shooting two years after it commenced, Ashfa said she was pleased with the feedback she received from Dark Rain’s entire team.

“I did not watch the entire movie. But Dark Rain’s team watched it and their feedback was very positive towards everyone, which made me pleased,” the singer-turned-actor said. “I am really excited that the movie is headed to the cinema.”

The actor already has the endorsement of the movie’s producer and the entire production team, but according to Ashfa, her primary focus will be on audience feedback, which for her is important for her career trajectory.

Speaking about whether she will continue as an actor, Ashfa said “I have received multiple-movie offers in the past as well. But I went with this one because of its script and the character’s appeal, and there were several other reasons why I wanted to make this movie as my debut… but I have not decided whether I will do this [acting] or not."

She further said she played her role in the movie with excitement and concentration and added that the audience will enjoy the movie.

“I can guarantee that the audience will not be wasting their time with this movie. I have given my best for this role and performed until I was satisfied. My biggest satisfaction is the positive comments I received from Isse and the movie’s director. The entire star cast’s feedback was positive, the movie has a beautiful story and this is a story that is relatable to all of us at some point in our lives,” Ashfa said.

“I am sure the audience will not be disappointed with this movie."

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