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Shifting tides as 'Oevaru Cafe and Gallery' opens doors

Ahmed Aiham
02 April 2019, MVT 19:17
The newly opened cafe' features a construct your own platter concept with over 15 different hors d'oeuvres to choose from. PHOTO: OEVARU CAFE' AND GALLERY
Ahmed Aiham
02 April 2019, MVT 19:17

Art-inspired 'Oevaru Cafe' and Gallery' opened its doors to the public in capital Malé City on Tuesday, pioneering new concepts such as construct your own platter, to the food and beverage industry.

The invite-only soft opening on Monday was honoured by the likes of Galolhu North MP Eva Abdulla, Maldivian Democratic Party Chairperson Hassan Latheef and former Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh.

Featuring wooden decor and murals illustrated by artist and co-owner Minha Jameel (Minnu), the space features a plethora of artwork for customers to admire and discuss as they indulge in a generous selection of delicacies prepared by its Indian Chef Ananthu. S.

The newly opened cafe features a gallery of art to discuss over scrumptious food. PHOTO: OEVARU CAFE' AND GALLERY

Minnu's husband and co-owner, Mohamed Afraaseem (Afu), described the cafe' as a platform for artists to exhibit and market their work, explaining that artworks will be rotated on a bimonthly basis, providing opportunities for various creatives to showcase their talents.

In addition to live paintings by renowned artist Moosa Mamduh, live music performances by duo Ahmed Anil and Maldivian Idol judge Ahmed Ibrahim (Ammaday), and Bathool Ahmed filled the space with calm tunes, strong vocals and soft melodies.

The cafe' plans to host monthly curated events involving music, exhibitions and poetry.