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Ten firms propose master plan for iHavan

Fathmath Shaahunaz
20 September 2016, MVT 15:29
Model of the iHavan zone that is planned to be established in Ihavandhippolhu by the government.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
20 September 2016, MVT 15:29

Ten firms have submitted proposals for the master plan of iHavan, the integrated project to be operated in the northernmost Ihavandhippolhu atoll of the Maldives.

The Maldives government had put out the notice seeking local and international companies to propose a master plan for iHavan last month.

Economic minister Mohamed Saeed told Mihaaru on Tuesday that ten parties had come forward with proposals by August 24, the notice’s deadline. He noted that the majority were international firms.

“We’re currently evaluating their proposals. The project will be awarded to the most capable one very soon,” said the minister.

Saeed added that the contractor will receive three months to come up with the master plan.

Meanwhile, the government had tasked Boston Consulting Group (BCG) of the United States with assessing the feasibility of iHavan. According to Minister Saeed, the research had yielded positive results for the project, subsequently green lighting the master plan which will include detailed blueprints and figures of iHavan.

“For example, where the airport will be situated, where the residential area will be…” explained the minister.

The government had earlier announced that land reclamation for iHavan will commence this year December.

The iHavan integrated project comprises of the development of harbours and ports, the production, processing and storage of cargo, an international cruise facility, airport and real estate.