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STO increases price of diesel

10 February 2019, MVT 12:39
The fuelling station located at the Industrial Village of Capital Male. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI
10 February 2019, MVT 12:39

The State Trade Organisation (STO) increased the price of diesel fuel by 90 laari (MVR 0.90) on Sunday.

According to STO, the price saw an increase due to rising fuel prices in the global market.

As of February 10, Diesel now costs MVR 10.89 per litre.

In January, STO made the decision to slash the prices of petrol and diesel, dropping diesel to MVR 9.99 per litre and petrol to MVR 10.19 per litre.

Prior to January's reduction of prices, STO sold Diesel at a rate of MVR 11.99 per litre and petrol at MVR 11.19 per litre.