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Ooredoo to donate Smart Campus to government of Maldives

Raif Amyl Jalyl
08 February 2019, MVT 09:32
Ooredoo Maldives Chief Executive Officer Najib Khan and Vice-President Faisal Naseem. PHOTO: OOREDOO MALDIVES
Raif Amyl Jalyl
08 February 2019, MVT 09:32

Telecommunications giant Ooredoo Maldives to donate a Smart Campus digital classroom aimed at providing vocational trainings for the rehabilitation of people in detention.

The initiative was announced by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ooredoo Maldives Najib Khan during Vice-President Faisal Naseem and Minister of Science and Technology Maleeh Jamaal's visit to Ooredoo's Main Office.

Ooredoo highlighted their support towards establishing a ‘digital Maldives’ and discussed potential avenues for further collaboration in ensuring sustainable and inclusive access to digital services across the nation.

"Digital technologies have an unprecedented reach in providing new socio-economic opportunities to those who need it the most. We believe that accessing educational programs can support both young and older detainees in starting a new life, as a responsible member of the society.", said CEO Najib Khan.

"Smart Campus is a great tool for online education, and we're honoured to provide this service free of charge for this wonderful initiative"

The digital classroom enables students and teachers to connect anywhere in Maldives over Ooredoo’s 4G+ network to collaborate and meet in an online interactive class in live feeds.

This collaborative web conferencing environment enables students and educators to communicate simultaneously in real-time using video and audio or through text chat and to share presentations, documents and images on an interactive whiteboard.

Smart Campus also connects students to the free educational programs provided by Maldives Polytechnic, as part of Ooredoo's corporate social responsibility efforts.

Ooredoo Smart Campus is a cloud-based education platform which allows for a next-generation learning experience. The system is powered by Microsoft in Education.