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Six arrested in connection to Ensis robbery in Hulhumale

Nafaahath Ibrahim
06 August 2018, MVT 09:05
According to HDC the robbery had taken place in this location. PHOTO : HDC
Nafaahath Ibrahim
06 August 2018, MVT 09:05

Police revealed that six people have been arrested in relation to the MVR 2 million robbed from Ensis Fisheries company.

The money was stolen on July 31 while an employee of Ensis, one of the biggest fish exporters in Maldives, was getting in the company's van after withdrawing money from the Mauritius Commercial Bank branch in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale. According to Ensis, the money was snatched by two men on a motorbike.

Eniss further reported that since the men's faces were uncovered and the area has CCTV cameras, the men would have been spotted.

According to the police, six people were arrested on the same day and the Criminal Court has remanded them for 15 days.

The robbery has shocked many as this was the first time such a large sum of money was stolen in Hulhumale in broad daylight.