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Fresh vibes at revamped Male southwest harbour

25 July 2018, MVT 10:50
25 July 2018, MVT 10:50

President Abdulla Yameen Abdulla Gayoom has inaugurated “Raaveribe Kottuveni”, the food courts in the vicinity of capital Male’s Southwest harbour redeveloped to current industry standards.

Though “Kottuveni” was officially inaugurated on July 23, cafés have been serving customers since May.

Investing over MVR 30 million, State Trading Organization (STO) built cafes ranging in three different dimensions, the smallest being 960 square feet to 1,260 square feet and 1,660 square feet.

With the space open to public leasing, a large number of cafes have already opened shop.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that the area, which had been left gathering dust and filth, was revamped as per instructions from the president himself.

“With this area developed, families and kids will be able to rest and relax here. With a park and food facilities around, kids can come and play at the park as family members rest in and eat at the cafés,” said Muizzu at the inauguration.

With its white tarp canopy sheltering from sun and rain, the open design of the food court enforces a strict prohibition on smoking.

In the past, the privately owned cafés, with their own design layouts, were notoriously known for the unhygienic atmosphere.