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Paragliding soars into the Maldives tourism industry

Sky Guys Pvt Ltd ushers in a new ways to experiencing the tropics - airborne over turquoise waters.

Nafaahath Ibrahim
02 July 2018, MVT 11:50
Soar through the sky over the glittering jewel tones of Maldives’ archipelago, sun-kissed by the warm tropical rays with Maldives Paragliding. PHOTO/ MALDIVES PARAGLIDING
Nafaahath Ibrahim
02 July 2018, MVT 11:50

Introducing a way for travelers to experience the viral aerial photographs depicting various tropical landscapes for themselves, the entrepreneurs of Sky Guys Pvt Ltd envision a bright and vivid future for the sport in the world-famous holiday destination.

In an official promotion recently held at Adhaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, Sky Guys Pvt Ltd has announced plans to commercially launch the recreational sport to the archipelago.

Under the guidance of a Turkish company, test flights have already been conducted in Baa Atoll's Fulhadhoo, between January and April earlier this year.

The team is currently preparing for an commercial operations to officially launch in October. Although prices are yet to be finalized, media officials assure that locals and expatriate thrill seekers will be able to try paragliding at special rates below USD200.

Test flight done by Maldives Paragliding. VIDEO / MALDIVES PARAGLIDING

Sky Guys Pvt Ltd stated that, under the agreement with the Turkey company, they will be seeking to train local pilots to operate flights.

Though the intial pilots will be experienced foreign professionals, they are hopeful that within the next two to three years, the entire operation can be taken over by locals.

In the low-lying islands of Maldives, the only form of take off possible is aquatic paragliding, undertaken with the help of a specially designed speedboat. Paragliders will be able to rise up to heights of 3000 feet and soar over the exotic Maldivian waters.

In an exclusive interview to The Edition, manager of business development for Sky Guys Pvt Ltd Nishwan Abbas, said that this project has already been authorised by Civil Aviation Authority.

According to him, their initial plan is to base and commence operations in Fulhadhoo, with plans to expand their services as the company grows.

Nishwan said that the company has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and support for this initiation, and that the people of Fulhadhoo had expressed encouragement and excitement over the venture.