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RIYAN, the leading local consultancy in Maldives

26 December 2017, MVT 15:00
Some senior officials of Riyan pose for a photograph
26 December 2017, MVT 15:00

Established in 1997, Riyan is one of the oldest consultancy companies in the Maldives. It boasts a success story of a small business with modest beginnings that has today flourished into one of the most prominent consultancy firms in the country.

Having a look at its many successes, after 20 years in the field of consultancy, the company has expanded and ventured in new areas. Riyan now operates two companies under its umbrella, Contech Pvt Ltd and Swimsol Maldives. Contech operates Sanyo and IFE brand lifts in many buildings of the capital city, while Swimsol supplies solar panels.

The quality offered and confidence Riyan delivers is evident with its impressive client portfolios which includes many banks and international companies. Riyan has offered its expertise and successfully completed projects with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank. Symbolizing its competence in the field is its numerous undertakings with organisations like the United Nations and large resort investment projects in the Maldives.

When Riyan first came in to existence, consultancy was an unexplored sector in the Maldives with only international companies working in the field. However, since then Riyan has established a foothold in the sector alongside international competitors, engaging steadily in vibrant projects. According to the managing director of Riyan, Ibrahim Hameez, Riyan has given opportunities over the last 20 years to many Maldivians educated in the field to enrich and establish themselves.

The main areas of consultancy by Riyan include:

Ports and coastal engineering

Design and project management consultancy for resort development

Water and sanitation development

Planning and socio-economic studies

With its impressive international client base, Riyan has also offered its expertise to prominent projects with Maldivian companies. These include Housing Development Cooperation (HDC)’s projects and the reclamation of the second phase of Hulhumale. It is also engaged in reviewing the airport development project in Addu atoll Gan island with land reclamation and supervision of coastal protection.

Even though Riyan started with a small number of employees, today the company has grown and enjoys a larger, stronger employee group. The company is proud to boast highly motivated staff who are educated in specific areas of expertise.

Riyan attributes its many successes to its dedicated and capable staff. The vision of Riyan is to position the company at the same level with international firms and expand its operations, venturing into new arenas.

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