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ADK successfully completes first successful minimally invasive spine surgery and 3D printed cranioplasty in Maldives

ADK neurosurgeons completed two successful new surgeries in the Maldives this month.

Ameera Osmanagic
23 June 2024, MVT 18:16
ADK Hospital -- Photo: Nishaan Ali | Mihaaru
Ameera Osmanagic
23 June 2024, MVT 18:16

ADK has successfully completed two surgeries, a minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion and a 3D printed cranioplasty, for the first time in the Maldives.

The minimally invasive spine surgery was carried out on 3rd June on a 46 year old male patient. The two hour surgery was carried out on a local, and ADK reports that the patient is now recovering well with resolved back and leg pain.

The patient was discharged five days after the surgery on 8th June, said ADK.

Typically these surgeries are done with a long incision vertically across the spine. However, the minimally invasive surgery uses a special instrument which requires only a small incision for the surgery.

This decreases the hospital stay and recovery period of the patient as well.

According to the hospital, the 3D printed cranioplasty was done on 18th June on a 25 year old foreign male. The one and half hour surgery was also successful, said ADK.

The patient has no neurological deficit, no weakness in limbs and is able to do light work immediately after the surgery, the hospital reports. He is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital today.

While over a hundred cranioplasties have been done in the hospital since 2014, it included using patient's own skull bones, synthetic bone cements or titanium meshes.

The 3D printed plate used in the surgery this time was printed abroad and imported into the country, ADK confirmed.

Both surgeries were carried out by Dr. Ali Niyaf and Dr. Kiran Niraula, senior consultants in neurosurgery. Dr Ali Niyaf is the first Maldivian neurosurgeon and has over ten years of experience in the field, while Dr. Kiran Niraula is the longest serving foreign neurosurgeon in the Maldives.

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