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Missing girl from Fiyaoree found unconscious in abandoned house

The missing eight-year-old was found in an abandoned house near her home around 00:00 hrs last night. Although the house was searched twice previously, the girl was found at midnight lying unconscious in the house by people who were out looking for her.

Malika Shahid
23 June 2024, MVT 11:34
Gaafu Dhaalu atoll Fiyaori
Malika Shahid
23 June 2024, MVT 11:34

The eight-year-old girl who went missing last night on the island of Fiyoaree in Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, located in the South Central Maldives, has been found unconscious in an abandoned house near her home, according to her family.

The girl's father, Mohamed Rasheed, said that she had left the house around 17:00 hrs on Saturday following a disagreement with her mother. Although she had left the house previously, she always returned by 18:00 hrs, according to her father.

However, the family became concerned when she did not return home even after 18:00 hrs. Police were informed, and a search was initiated with the help of residents of the island.

Rasheed said that the abandoned house near their home was searched twice. However, despite no sign of the child during those searches, she was later found unconscious inside the same house around 00:00 hrs by people who were out looking for her.

"There were no external injuries found on her. She was taken to the island's health center immediately after being found last night. She woke up when water was splashed on her face. However, it is not clear what happened, as she couldn't recount the events properly," Rasheed said.

The child was taken to Gaafu Dhaalu atoll Thinadhoo Hospital today for further tests.

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