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Billabong and Finland International Schools’ admissions opening on Thursday

The admissions window for both Billabong International School and Finland International School opens on Thursday evening for students enrolling in the 1st Grade.

12 February 2024, MVT 12:54
Students of Billabong International High School
12 February 2024, MVT 12:54

Billabong International School and Finland International School has opened admissions for the upcoming academic school year. The admissions window opens on Thursday evening for students enrolling in the 1st Grade.

Billabong and Finland International School run by Islanders Educations will conduct a session to provide information to the parents. The first session is scheduled for Tuesday 1500 hrs in Billabong High School hall while the second session will be conducted at the Finland High School Hall at 1500 hrs on Wednesday.

As stated by Islanders Education, the admission procedure of this academic year will exclude the previous habit of offering priority to children who graduates UKG from Kangaroo Kids and Madarusathul Ameer Ahmed. The company highlighted that this year’s school admissions is open for children graduating UKG from all preschools in Male' and Hulhumale' in addition to these two schools.

Islanders Education noted that bus commute between Male’ and Hulhumale has also been arranged for students from these two schools.

Billabong International School and Finland International School run by Islanders Education had based their educational institute in a building in Lonuziyaarai Magu that was originally the Henveyru School’s land, up until last year.

Principal of Finland School, Dr. Eija Valanne said that education from the school is presently conducted in the new eight storey building constructed by Islanders Education on the land. She revealed that following the conclusion of the construction of the 11 storey building next to the 8 storey building, the building will also be released to the school during this academic year.

Dr. Valanne highlights that Finland School is different from other schools. The biggest difference she points out are modern classrooms and the their educational resources. She outlines the presence of a Finnish teacher who holds a Masters' degree from Finland alongside two Dhivehi teachers in each classroom. She adds that the subject teachers who oversee grade 10 to 11 are also qualified individuals who finished their master’s degree from Finland.

Dr. Valanne states that the institute’s aim is to conclude the syllabus content at a fast pace due to the loss of seven months of education this year and the upcoming year as a result of the changes to the new academic year.

“The academic plan of Finland school for the next two years is structured to prioritize equality and inclusivity. Every student in the class cannot learn at an equal pace. There must be time for teachers to consider each individual student,” she said.

She said that instead of mandating the students to finish their curriculum and books to a deadline, planning the lessons in a way that instills a desire to learn is the best way to structure the education to the school’s aim. She adds that structuring the education in such a way will allow them to achieve all their curriculum goals.

Lessons ensuing at the Finland International School

Dr. Laura Autar, Principal of Billabong High School [the first international school in the country], has shared the institute’s decisions on their education procedures regarding the changes to the new academic school year.

She states that the highest priority of the school is to provide continuous education of promoting from one grade to the other without the feeling of a discontinuation. She highlights that the changes to be brought by the Billabong High franchise’s curriculum team has been deliberated and the teachers have concluded their preparations.

“One of the most special things about this school is the modernized international curriculum. This curriculum is accepted widely by many people. Our biggest priority is to provide the students with the Billabong curriculum despite the changes to the new academic year,” said Dr. Autar.

Islanders Education has stated that the competition for the admission of Grade 1 students who graduated from UKG are high each year. The company highlights that to secure a slot, the expedition of the admission application will provide a higher chance of the student’s admission at the school.

While Billabong International School and Finland International School are preparing to open admissions for the new academic school year, all related information on the admissions process will be available from their official website.

Note: This in an advertorial article for Islanders Education.