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'Organyc' brand arrives in the Maldives

Mohamed Rehan
20 November 2023, MVT 13:03
Daisy Holding, the authorized distributor, introduces "Organyc" brand's feminine products in the Maldives-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
20 November 2023, MVT 13:03

Italy's "Organyc" line of products for women have been introduced to the Maldives market by Daisy Holding.

"Organyc" brand's sanitary napkin, tampons, liners and feminine wipes, cotton makeup removers and feminine wash were introduced to the Maldivian consumers.

According to its importer and authorized distributor, the "Organyc" line of feminine products are ideal for people with sensitive skin, and is a clinically-proven brand.

The brand's product line have been carefully created by team of experts after identifying the issues with generic products in the market.

Daisy Holding remarked that the generic sanitary pads in the market have been produced using chemicals, man-made dyes, and fragrances that pose issues to the skin including various skin-related conditions such as allergies, swelling, itching and rashes. The ill-effects of these issues lead to darkening of the skin in women, which was identified in the research leading to the creation of the "Organyc" brand.

The distributor also said that the brand's sanitary napkins or pads are hypoallergenic breathable products, which prevent its users from itchy sensations usually experienced from generic pads with synthetic dyes and chemicals.

Daisy Holding also assured that skin rashes or itching will disappear within 35 days of using "Organyc" brand's pads, as well as enhance skin colors through prolonged use of it.

The pads have been designed using 100 percent certified cotton with ultra-absorbing qualities, and have a thin design allowing for easier usage of it. Daisy Holding said that the product is ideal for women of all ages, and applicable for all skin types.

The "Organyc" brand's sanitary napkin line comes in three different ranges which are; heavy flow, moderate flow, and overnight protection.

Additionally, special tampons with organic compact applicator will be available for regular flow and super flow.

The brand's feminine wash come in three different types which include; chamomile formula, lavender formula, and tea-tree formula, all of which are ideal for sensitive skins.

Besides the "Organyc" brand products, Daisy Holding introduced the cotton makeup remover, which prevents itches and pimples on the face.

Additionally, Daisy Holding introduced feminine wipes ideal to sanitize hands and face. Daisy Holding is the authorized distributor in the country for this brand.

The brand's products and their packaging have been produced with 100 percent biodegradable ingredients using geo-thermal and solar energy.

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