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Pres Solih pledges flats, plots for citizens with over 20-year residency in Malé

Mohamed Rehan
24 September 2023, MVT 11:32
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih promised housing scheme for citizens residing in Male' City for more than 20 years--
Mohamed Rehan
24 September 2023, MVT 11:32

Incumbent president and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, has pledged to initiate a housing scheme aimed at citizens who have lived in Malé City for 20 years or more.

President Solih made this pledge while addressing a campaign rally on Tuesday evening.

While speaking at the rally, president Solih highlighted the housing difficulties in Malé region, and stressed on the current administration's efforts to resolve it.

He highlighted the government's initiative to award plots to 19,000 recipients and housing flats to 16,000 recipients.

President Solih also focused on citizens from other islands living in Malé City for lengthy periods, and said the majority of these migrants do not have their own land in their respective home islands.

"There are citizens residing in Malé City for 20 years, some for 35 years. Even I have been living in this city for 50 years. But our policies do not allow such citizens to receive plots, and since they do not live in their home island they are stripped from receiving land there as well. That is why I am announcing this housing scheme," President Solih said.

He said residents listed on Malé registry for 20 years or citizens who can provided documented proof of their residency in Malé City for the same period would be entitled to the scheme.

"The policies have been formulated. With this policy, we will provide a permanent solution to residents and migrants living in Malé City for extended periods," President Solih added.

In addition to announcing the new scheme, president Solih also highlighted other housing initiatives.

Speaking in this regard, he pledged to establish a dedicated bank that would provide financing to landowners for the construction on their plots.

He also said that the permanent list of recipients entitled to flats from the Maldives Customs Service had been transferred to the ministry. Additionally, he pledged that the recipient lists for Maldives National University staff and Maldives Correctional Service employees would be released in the near future.

President Solih further pledged to reduce the down payment and monthly rent of Vinares housing flats, and promised a similar reduction in the down payment and monthly rent of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) housing units as well.

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