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Technical training for Yamaha motorcycle and outboard engine begins

Rabeeha Amir
16 September 2023, MVT 18:25
Participants of the Yamaha technical training -- Photo: Alia
Rabeeha Amir
16 September 2023, MVT 18:25

A technical training program focusing on servicing Yamaha motorcycles and outboard engines has recently commenced.

Organized by Alia Investments in partnership with Japan's technical academy, this program has attracted 52 participants from various agencies and private firms. These participants are receiving training from Yamaha-certified Alia Senior Mechanics, individuals with extensive experience working under Yamaha's guidance.

The program aims to enhance the skills of mechanics and equip individuals nationwide to provide expert services for Yamaha products. Alia said that the training program aligns with Yamaha's high standards, mirroring the level of training typically provided to Yamaha distributors in Japan through the Yamaha Technical Academy.

The technical training program is scheduled to run until September 25. This collaboration between Alia and the Japanese Technical Academy marks the second technical training initiative aimed at elevating the quality of service for Alia's product range.

Alia Investments is the authorized distributor of Yamaha in the Maldives.

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