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Transforming healthcare; Pain Clinic opens in Maldives

Rabeeha Amir
12 September 2023, MVT 15:11
The Pain Clinic -- Photo: Nishan Ali
Rabeeha Amir
12 September 2023, MVT 15:11

In a pivotal development, the Maldives has introduced its first-ever specialized clinic dedicated to addressing various forms of pain.

The primary objective of the Pain Clinic is to offer personalized care to individuals suffering from pain and sudden swelling caused by diverse health issues, marking a significant milestone in the country's healthcare landscape.

The Pain Clinic, offers a wide range of treatments catering to various health concerns, investigating the underlying causes of pain and administer personalised treatments, including This facility is equipped to delve into the root causes of pain and deliver personalized treatments, which may include specialized medications, physiotherapy referrals and targeted injections for pain.

The clinic specializes in addressing issues stemming from structural abnormalities, age-related ailments, injuries, and chronic diseases. Its services extend to alleviating discomfort in the face, neck, shoulders, and back, as well as managing fractures associated with diverse underlying issues.

The clinic is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, including a pain management physician, a specialist in bone and nerve disorders, and an orthotist with expertise in designing and providing treatment for congenital defects in both children and adults.

Aasandha coverage has been extended to include the services provided by the newly established Pain Clinic. The clinic is conveniently located on the fourth floor of Galolhu ward Hiyaakuri on Alikilegefaanu Magu, ensuring accessible care for individuals seeking relief from pain-related issues in the Maldives.

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