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IMTM's Sustainable Tourism Forum in December 2022

Mohamed Rehan
17 November 2022, MVT 10:36
Island Spa
Mohamed Rehan
17 November 2022, MVT 10:36

International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM) announces their tourism-centric forum for December 2022.

According to the tourism focused event organizer, the third edition of Sustainable Tourism Forum (STF) is scheduled for December 3 and 4.

The forum bridges the gap between tourism industry stakeholders and investors. IMTM's Sustainable Tourism Forum also attracts key tourism industry professionals, travel trades and other affiliates who gather to discuss on tourism industry prospects, opportunities and discourse over issues and challenges in the industry presently.

The two-day forum will proceed under five distinct sessions. Each session will highlight on a key area of promoting sustainable tourism, where panelists and attendees will discuss on them. The participants will exchange ideas on incorporating important tourism policies and trends into Maldives tourism industry, and assess how these are achieved in other global destinations.

IMTM recognizes Maldives tourism industry is dependent on climate, and the seasonal changes - which also impact the country's tourism prospect. Their forum attempts to provide realistic, long-term and innovative solutions to combat both external and internal factors that could intervene tourism sustainability in the Maldives.

Participants will actively discuss and assess scientific research and data on climate change, and understand challenges Maldives face due to it and how to minimize the impact in the long run.

The forum also serves as ample platform where participants can highlight the different sustainable practices and approaches in various tourist properties - which differ from one another.

The third edition of IMTM's Sustainable Tourism Forum will be hosted at Manhattan Business Hotel, in Male' City which will attract all the prominent tourism industry players in the Maldives.

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