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Litus National Billiard Championship Singles Champions : Saahil, Shiyaam and Aishath

10 November 2022, MVT 17:28
Sahil (R), Aishath (M) and Shyam (L) won the singles event in the National Billiard Championship 2022 -- Photo: MPBA
10 November 2022, MVT 17:28

Saahil Hameed, Ismail Shiyaam and Aishath Ali have won the singles divisions in the Litus National Billiard Championship 2022 organised by Maldives Pool Billiard Association.

Saahil defeated Hassan Shaaz in the men's first division semi-finals, taking 11 frames to the opponent's 6. After defeating Mohamed Aksam Waheed by a score of 9 frames to 3, he advanced to the finals. He had previously triumphed over Hussain Fayaz, Ali Fayaz, and Ibrahim Aafee.

After defeating Aksam by 9 frames to his 5 frames, Shaaz advanced to the finals. Aksam came in third place in the event.

Ismail Shiyaam won the men's second division championship after defeating Rajesh Moosa by a score of 9 frames to 4. Shiyaam secured his spot in the finals after beating Mohamed Affan Yusuf by 7 frames to 4, at the semi-finals.

Rajesh got into the finals after defeating Affan by 7 frames to 1 frame. Previously Rajesh won matches against Shazeen Abdul Samad and Hamid Faisal. Men’s second division third place was won by Affan.

This year’s women's championship title was won by Aishath Ali after defeating Aminath Haleem in the final’s by 7 frames to 3 frames. Aishath Ali went on to the finals after winning against last year’s runner up Aminath Azra. Aminath Haleem went on to the finals after beating both Azra and last year’s champion Dheena Ahmed. Azra won third place in the event.

The doubles competition championship is up next. 35 pairs, comprising both men and women, will compete in the doubles competition. The mixed doubles competition would follow the doubles competition. The President's Cup team matches would be the final competition.

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