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Aamin scores 2nd place in the IBC Bodyboarding World Tour

07 August 2022, MVT 16:29
First Lady Fazna Ahmed presents the award to Amin Umar Moosa who won second place in the IBC Bodyboarding World Tour -- Photo: President's Office
07 August 2022, MVT 16:29

It’s a historic win for the Maldives with Aamin Umar Moosa securing 2nd place in the IBC Bodyboarding World Tour which ended yesterday.

Aamin competed alongside Spain’s Canary Islands' Gabriel Molina. Aamin was defeated in the closing seconds with a score difference of 0.90. While Molina scored 13 points, Aamin’s was 12.1.

Aamin is the first athlete to ever compete in the finals of an international bodyboarding championship, making it a victory for the island nation. With seasoned bodyboarder Ali Khusruwan (Kuda Ayya) competing in the finals of two categories as well as the quarterfinals of the Senior Men's Category, it represents a string of historic victories for the nation. Kuda Ayya also participated in the Drop Knee Category semifinals.

American Dave Hubbard is the winner in both the Men's Category and the Drop Knee Category. He beat out French competitor Amaury Laverne by a razor-thin 0.1 points. Amaury lost with a score of 14.4, whereas he earned a score of 14.5.

Hubbard defeated Amaury to win the Drop Knee category with a score of 16.75 compared to 11.75 for Amaury.

Isabella Sousa of Brazil won the title of Women's Champion. She outscored Alexandra Rinder of the Canary Islands by 16 points. In the championship, Alexandra received a 9.75.