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Bileffahi School develops library under BML Community Fund

Mohamed Rehan
19 June 2022, MVT 20:05
Bileffahi School library was developed through BML's Community Fund initiative -- Photo: BML
Mohamed Rehan
19 June 2022, MVT 20:05

Shaviyani atoll Bileffahi School has developed its library through the support of Bank of Maldives' (BML) Community Fund initiative.

The project was proposed for the Community Fund initiative by one of the school's teachers, Mr. Ismail Shareef.

Under the development project, the library went through renovation with the creation of new bookshelves installation of new furniture and procurement of 700 new books.

While speaking about the Community Fund pushed project, Mr. Shareef commented, "With the addition of both English and Dhivehi books and an improved reading environment, the project will help implement the school's current reading program."

"We have also been able to create an environment where more children can develop interest to read and learn. I would like to thank Bileffahi Council, teachers, librarian, and those who supported us throughout the project," Mr. Shareef further added.

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