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Solitaire: front row seat for spectacular sunsets

30 December 2021, MVT 16:46
Generated image of deck and pool -- Photo: Solitaire
30 December 2021, MVT 16:46

Waking up to a bird’s eye view of the ocean between Male’ city and Hulhumale’, while sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee could possibly be one of the best ways to start your day.

The Solitaire, deemed to emerge from the lush greens of Fithuroanu Magu, is just a 10-minute walk away from the Hulhumale’ beach. Fithuroanu Magu is where one would go in search of luxury living in Hulhumale’, and the area is expected to become a prime location for high-end amenities in the near future.

Generated photo of Solitaire Building -- Photo: Solitaire

The structural plan of Solitaire speaks difference, convenience and tranquility. The lower ground floor of the building will be dedicated to amenities such as parking, waste collection, fire and water services; vehicular entry and vehicular exit. Meanwhile, the upper ground floor will be comprised of a grand residential lobby, more room for vehicle parking, a common washroom, and retail spaces. Resting above the upper ground floor would be the mezzanine floor, which will have additional space for retail, a play area for children as well as bike parking.

The Mezzanine floor is followed by deluxe apartment floors. Each floor will have a total of 8 apartments - each over 1200+ square feet. Four apartments on each row - overlooking the ocean and the Central Park. Topping it off would be a penthouse of over 2500+ square feet, which also includes a wrap-around private terrace space of 700+ square feet. Here you can have your morning breakfast overlooking the Central Park and your evening tea watching the sun gently sink into the horizon.

The terrace of Solitaire will be a place of solitude. Here residents can keep up a lifestyle that’s healthy and happy. With a state of the gymnasium that’s fully equipped for any type of workout, residents can exercise anytime they want, without stepping outside of the building. While adults get their daily dose of workout, children can keep themselves accompanied in the kiddy pool outside on the ever-so-stunning wooden-deck. That’s not all, there will be an infinity pool as well as a clubhouse lounge that will allow residents to turn everyday into a weekend getaway. Inside the lounge are a full-size pool table, a 360-surround sound, cozy seats and a dedicated corner for catering services. Residents can celebrate their occasions in style, all the while without leaving the comfort of their home. For additional convenience, Sandal Mauritius assures that there will be changing rooms on the same floor in order to eliminate the need to leave the terrace to change in the middle of a party.

Generated image of gyms that would be available in Solitaire -- Photo: Solitaire

Solitaire will be the second project of Sandal Mauritius - a special purpose vehicle of Assotech Realty, a real estate developer based in New Delhi, India. With a long track record in housing, offices, retail and hospitality segments, Assotech Realty aims to take up residential and resort developments in the Maldives. At Solitaire, every day will have the glorious beginning you desire and the beautiful end you deserve - sitting at the front row for spectacular sunsets.

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