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Ensis awards zero interest loans to nine employees with Hiya flats

09 September 2021, MVT 16:24
Managing Director of Ensis Abdul Waheed Thowfeeq (right, five) stands with Ensis employees that received financial assistance from Ensis Fisheries -- Photo: Ensis Fisheries
09 September 2021, MVT 16:24

Ensis Fisheries provides zero interest loans to their employees that require financial assistance in moving to the Hiyaa flats, located in Phase 2 of Hulhumale

The government started the handover process of the Hiyaa flats in August. As these apartments still require a significant amount of work to be done before they become habitable, the people that were awarded them have started to make them livable.

While zero interest loans have been provided for their employees previously even for essential reasons, the company said ease of access to these loans were made easier this time around.

Ensis said they have provided zero interest loans to their employees for essential reasons in the past as well. However, access to these loans have been increased this time around.

Managing Director of Ensis Abdul Waheed Thowfeeq said that in addition to providing a good work environment, they also aim to improve employee welfare as well.

"We have to not only provide a good work environment, but we have to further address employee welfare by supporting our employees and their families in easing the challenges they face in achieving important milestones in their lives," he had said.

Manager of Corporate Affairs in Ensis said they had provided the loans only to the employees that had requested for these loans. They are provided till the end of the year as a grace period, and repayments will start on January 2022. Their employees will be provided a 2.5-3 year period to repay the loans.

All nine employees will receive the same amount as a loan. Ensis said they have not yet decided on how much they will receive as a loan yet.