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JLL announces the sale of five islands in Crossroad

Lamya Abdulla
24 August 2021, MVT 10:01
(FILE) Overhead view of The Marina, at Crossroads Maldives: it is estimated that the Crossroads project will create over 3,000 jobs -- PhotoL Kalhu Odi
Lamya Abdulla
24 August 2021, MVT 10:01

Singaporean real estate company JLL Hotels and Hospitality Group announces the sale of five islands in Crossroads.

These islands were developed by reclaiming land in the Emboodoo lagoon.

JLL has said these five islands were a good investment opportunity to develop into resorts. These islands can be reached via a 15 minute speedboat ride from Velana International Airport.

Nine islands were developed by Crossroads in Emboodoo lagoon, which lies south of Male’. Two resorts were developed under the first phase of this project; Hard Rock Hotel and Hilton Saii Maldives. There is also a yacht marina that can accommodate 30 yachts in

When all the islands that are to be developed under the Crossroads project, they will have 1,300 tourist beds. It is estimated this project will create 3,000 jobs.

This project cost USD 300 million.

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