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Lily Hotels appoints Indian firm as representation company

Ahmed Aiham
24 September 2020, MVT 09:05
Lily Beach Resort is one of two properties operated by Lily Hotels Pvt Ltd. PHOTO: LILY
Ahmed Aiham
24 September 2020, MVT 09:05

Lily Hotels Pvt Ltd, on Wednesday, announced the appointment of 'Travelouge Reps' as its representation company.

Travelogue Reps is a luxury hospitality sales consultant firm, comprising of experts each with a minimum experience of over 15 years in the industry.

“We have selected the new representation company based on their great expertise in the Indian Market ", said Lily Hotel’s Group Director of Sales and Marketing Imroz Uddin.

Sales and Marketing Representation, Strategic Marketing Planning and Social Media Management and Strategic Marketing are "highly required to promote our brand portfolio at this business revival period", said the brand, praising Travelouge Reps' expertise and experience.

Lily Hotels highlighted that the newly appointed firm boasts over 75 years of sales experience, which will assist Lily's two properties, 'Lily Beach Resort and Spa' and 'Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa', in creating "high-value, sophisticated and sustainable holidays".

Although regions outside India remain the leading market generator, Lily Hotels highlighted the potential of the Indian market as a result of the travel bubble recently facilitated between the two countries.

"Through this collaboration with our new partners, Lily Hotels aims to highlight the visibility of their award-winning pioneer all-inclusive packages and and unique selling points of both properties", concluded the group.