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Local scent maker 'Vilunü' retails in Male'

Ahmed Aiham
01 February 2020, MVT 21:08
Featuring Vilunü's flagship scent, the 'Tangerine and Guava Leaf' reed diffuser is available at Island Bazaar. PHOTO: VILUNÜ
Ahmed Aiham
01 February 2020, MVT 21:08

Local bespoke scent makers 'Vilunü' made a splash with their brand by introducing their flagship reed diffuser on Saturday featuring scent 'Tangerine and Guava Leaf'.

The product lines shelves at Island Bazaar, a boutique store located in the capital city Male'.

Vilunü announced the product launch on Twitter. PHOTO: TWITTER

Established in 2017, Vilunü focuses on creating fragrances unique to the Maldives.

Speaking to The Edition, the brand's spokesperson offered the following on the company's philosophy.

"Inspired by the secluded tropical jungles and the luscious flora of our little islands, we’re on a mission to capture the essence of Maldives through a range of bespoke scents that are created using natural and sustainably sourced ingredients".

According to Vilunü, inspiration for the scents was drawn in notes of tropical flora and spices found throughout Maldives.

"The core scents in our products aim to invoke nostalgia, capturing the fleeting little moments spent on our islands".

Vilunü's flagship Tangerine and Guava Leaf scent. PHOTO: TWITTER

The diffusers are mixed, hand-poured and packaged locally. Formulated with 100 percent pure natural therapeutic grade essential oils, Vilunü products do not contain alcohol, DPG or artificial elements.

"The essential oils used in our formulations are 100 percent vegan, 100 percent organic, and are sourced sustainably from organically grown aromatic plants that are procured from a network of reputed harvesters, farmers and distillers". Notably, in addition to meeting the ISO 9001 requirements, Vilunü's suppliers are certified Fair Trade and cruelty-free.

Vilunü's scents were first made available at Velana International Airport in January 2020, and the product was brought to market following a year of development and testing.

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