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At Rainbow Maldives, customers can dream up their own 'pot of gold'

Shahudha Mohamed
27 January 2020, MVT 11:04
Rainbow Living Mall, the new outlet by Rainbow Maldives which allows customers to place orders on customised furniture. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/ MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
27 January 2020, MVT 11:04

Borne from a country that revels in the ‘art of doing nothing’, Maldivian are famous for having a taste for the finer things in life, especially where their own home spaces, and the everyday image presented to the world, is concerned. Our society as a whole depicts a fine example of ensuring that the entire household is pristine and perfect, from one’s bedroom to the kitchen and everything in between.

Certainly, this desire for quality also extends to bathrooms, and when it comes to attaining the most aesthetically pleasing if designs, Rainbow Maldives’ answer to all.

From introducing world-famous Cotto brand sanitary ware and fittings to the country nearly 22 years ago, the company has grown far and wide, adding the selection of tiles to their catalogue three yer back, as well as a plethora of other offerings. These products have found a special place in the hearts of locals, who flock to purchase the latest additions regularly. However, the most noteworthy achievement of Rainbow is unarguably the trust locals have come to place in the company, and the loyal relationship the company has developed with its consultants.

Rainbow Maldives provides reliable services to their customers through various outlets. PHOTO: AHMED MAANIS / BRANDS OF MALDIVES

With hopes of extending availability across the scattered archipelago of the Maldives, Rainbow established an outlet, in addition to the flagship store in capital Male’ nestled in the boson of the southern region, at Thinadhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. Meanwhile, the numerous sub-dealerships catering to orders made via Rainbow’s online shop products, are located in various regions of Maldives, allowing the company to provide a nation-wide service.

Since Rainbow was founded in 1990, the company has been introducing special products into the market. With passing time, the business boomed and the brand broadened, spreading its branches into many areas, including the introduction of products and services specially intended to meet needs within the construction sector.

Presently, Rainbow stands on a pedestal of its own, as a leading business brand offering a one-stop solution for all your homely needs, from products required during the initial building design stage to the rather culminating point, when the house keys are finally handed over to the owner. Just as the company endorsed ad brought forth Cotto, with the intent of infusing the Maldivian marketplace with high quality branded, products, Rainbow is set to continue exceeding expectations across the board.

Hence, balancing Rainbow’s achievements, accomplishments and service, product quality on both shoulders, it seems that to try the experiences this promising and enduring brand has to offer, is a must in every way.