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Decoding the business landscape - Brands of Maldives

Mariyam Malsa
13 November 2019, MVT 12:36
The cover page of the first issue of Brands of Maldives. PHOTO: MIHUSAN ABDUL GHANEE
Mariyam Malsa
13 November 2019, MVT 12:36

The only exclusive business magazine under the Mihaaru media family, Brands of Maldives was released on October 1, garnering swift popularity in the business sphere.

The exceptional magazine aims to present a cohesive picture of the country’s business environment including prevailing trends among key firms and entrepreneurs. Brands of Maldives also serves to shed light on prospective areas and fields for foreign investors, clarifying opportunity-rich fields.

“This is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs. The magazine was written in English to convey the local economic situation to foreign investors interested in Maldives”, said Head of Business Development at Mihaaru, Shamoon Afeef.

As Maldives looks to ascend to greater degrees of economic development, the magazine's contribution towards highlighting these endeavours, as well as in disseminating seminal business expertise, was welcomed warmly by all stakeholders.

Reflecting such sentiments, Director of Sales and Brand at Ooredoo Maldives Hussain Niyaz stated, “Brands of Maldives provides a keen insight into the business landscape of the Maldives. The first issue itself gives a promising glimpse of its future as a leader in business journalism”.

The 21 articles in the first volume of Brands of Maldives range from business profiles of well-known firms and start-ups to the stories of uniquely talented individuals. Several features explore how prominent businesses managed to surmount difficulties to establish themselves as nameworthy companies.

Similarly, the firms profiled or discussed in the magazine are equally varied, spanning from telecommunications providers to insurance companies. Some of the companies featured in the first volume include Linkserve, Rainbow, Eyecare, Pan Ocean, Dhivehi Insurance, Ooredoo Maldives, Veligaa Hardware and Lemon Grass.

The diversity of topics covered between the covers of the magazine ensures that Brands of Maldives is a comprehensive resource, particularly for newcomers to the business field, and conveys noteworthy experiences and lessons. Overall, it both condenses a wealth of business experience and delivers right into the palms of some of the busiest up and comers as well as the most influential corporate personalities across the country.

In the words of Moosa Latheef, Editor-in-Chief for Mihaaru News, Brands of Maldives will serve as a pathway both for businesses and businesspeople currently operating in Maldives and potential investors seeking credible information presented in a convenient fashion.

The magazine’s status as the fourth addition to the reputed Mihaaru media family lends it an added air of reliability. Boasting a sleek modern layout, Brands of Maldives was compiled by writers from The Edition copyedited by its Editor, with assistance provided from members of the Mihaaru newsroom in terms of curating information and conducting initial interviews.

With a nod to the hard work that went to bringing readers the magazine, Marketing Manager at Veligaa, Irufaau Abdulla expressed his belief that “provided future efforts go smoothly”, Brands of Maldives was certainly set to reach “wonderful heights!”.

Responding to already building anticipation, Mihaaru’s Head of Business Development Shamoon Afeef assured that such efforts were already in the works. He revealed that the 2020 issue of Brands of Maldives would be carefully researched, written and edited under a structured plan.

As the team behind the magazine gears up to release the follow-up issue, it appears hopeful that Brands of Maldives will maintain its streak and continue to shed light on the ever-changing business landscape of Maldives.