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Dilmah gears up for international Tea Appreciation Day event

Shahudha Mohamed
20 July 2019, MVT 10:42
From a tea tasting event hosted by Dilmah. PHOTO: SIMDI
Shahudha Mohamed
20 July 2019, MVT 10:42

Sri Lankan family tea company, Dilmah, will be hosting an international tea-tasting event on Saturday.

Dilmah Tea Appreciation Day, held in collaboration with SIMDI Company Pvt Ltd, will be held at Kurumba Maldives.

Over 100 guests are scheduled to attend the event, including participation from 50 resorts in Maldives.

During the event, Dilhan C Fernando, son of Dilmah company's founder Merrill J Fernando, will share his knowledge and wisdom about the company and the specialty of Dilmah tea.

Dilhan C Fernando giving a presentation about Dilmah tea to participants attending a tea-tasting event. PHOTO: SIMDI

Additionally, the event will offer guests the opportunity to sample various flavours of tea along with cuisines from different parts of the world.

Participants will also have the chance to taste Dilmah's latest innovatory product, Elixir of Ceylon Tea, a tea concentrate that can be used to concoct ice cream sodas, iced teas and T-cocktails. Containing only natural ingredients, the product particularly targets the hotelier industry.

Sri Lanka's renowned Dilmah brand was first introduced to Maldives in 1999 by SIMDI Group and the product has seen an ever increasing demand since then. Therefore, SIMDI is currently attempting to introduce new flavours of the tea into the market.

Some sample flavours of Dilmah tea. PHOTO: SIMDI

Part of the profits generated from the brand's tea sales are used by the Dilmah family's MJF Foundation to care for the disabled and empower marginalised women, men and youth.

Some of the profits also go to Dilmah Conservation, an organisation attempting to conserve and restore the environment.